John Allred

This name is nothing out of the ordinary, but the person who owns this name is a talent. John Allred is a one man band who stems out of Utah. His music can be considered indie. He has produced so many albums being independent and has done so well that he practically doesn’t need a record label to help him succeed.

I know of John Allred through the website called Twitter. This all sounds weird but its now the age of information through technology. One of my friends “tweeted” about having a man crush on John Allred. I was curious who this John Allred was and why he has captivated someone to have a man crush on. So I clicked on his twitter and found out that he was a musician. The first song that I heard from him was “Parades”. This song is about having the same ambitions as you’ve had when you were a kid and chasing after them. Every song of his has such a powerful message.

When I found out that he would be playing a show in Vegas/Henderson, I knew that I had to see him. Let alone, the concert was free! At the show, he had a three hour long set and the stage all to himself. Most of the songs that he played were covers. Although covers could be a hit or miss, Allred did amazing in all the songs he covered. My favorite would have to be the medley of hits songs. This ranged from Michelle Branch to Leona Lewis to The Fray. It was an incredible 5 minutes of radio hits. He also did an innovative rendition of “With or Without You” By U2 as well as “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Before every song, John Allred would introduce it by having anecdotes of his life. Some were amusing and some were cheesy but it worked.

Allred’s charismatic personality on and off the stage wowed the audience. He takes time to get to know his fans at the same time produce inspiring music. Plus he wears TOMS!

Here is his myspace: