Ministry Of Love

“I should’ve brought my jacket.” These words have been the theme to Meg Vitale’s input on the weather. Although it might have seemed “chilly,” their performance was anything but cold.

This rock group hails from my hometown Las Vegas, Nevada. Their sound is very high energy that it makes you want to get out of your seat and burn some calories. Meg gets the crowd going with her powerful voice. Not only does Meg shine, but the rest of the band does as well. Devon, who is their guitarist, carries herself well and has a great stage presence. There aren’t that many women in the music industry particularly in this type of genre, but both of them are doing a phenomenal job. Each band member has a great time performing for their fans, new and old, from what I’ve seen. They get the crowd going and to say the least, they put on a great show.

Ministry of Love wows the crowd on stage. Not only do they perform for their fans, they also incorporate them into their shows. Towards the end of their set, they invited some people from the crowd to come on stage and just dance or in this case a little moshing. Not many bands do that these days.

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys after their set and they were so nice and welcoming. They love playing for their fans as well as meeting them.

Check these guys out:


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