Summit Grove

What can I say about these guys? Well to start off, they are amazing at what they do. This band has worked so hard to where they are now and there’s nothing stopping them.

Summit Grove is a four piece pop rock group based in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada. These guys have a sound that is catchy and uplifting. They know how to work the stage as well as the crowd. Jason, their frontman, is very charismatic and gets involved with the crowd. He puts his every effort into their shows and it pays off. Vincent and Omar are all over the place, but that’s a good thing. They both enjoy performing for their fans and their passion is well received with the crowd. Dominic has such high energy behind the drums. He was singing along to every song on top of drumming his heart out. This band has so much passion for the music they make it’s ridiculous.

After their set, they stuck around and met with their friends and fans. They’re all nice guys and care about the people who support them. I’m surprised that it was my first time seeing them live. To tell the truth, they exceeded my expectations. I would definitely see them again if I had the chance. All I can say about these guys is “Bravo!”

Check them out:

These guys are in the studio so keep a look out for their new album.


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