Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a very peculiar name for a band. It actually sounds like a death metal band (anything with dragons in a name sounds like a metal band to me). But these guys are far from being metal. Their sound is actually indie to say the least.

These guys are very fun to watch. Dan Reynolds looked like he had a great time on stage and the crowd did as well. He would go from one end of the stage to the other which got the crowd going. Aside from getting the crowd pumped with his enthusiastic attitude, Dan Reynolds’ vocals are astounding. It is similar to Brandon Flowers’ (The Killers), but Flowers doesn’t have anything on him, neither do The Killers (all they have in common is the same hometown: Las Vegas, NV). His vocals mixed with Brittany Tolman’s makes Imagine Dragon’s sound unique. Brittany Tolman’s voice gives the band a great balance between edgy and delicate. The other band members add to their eclectic sound. Sermon’s calm presence can be confusing at first but you will be amazed at what this guy can do on the guitar. Andrew Tolman and Ben McKee were towards the back of the stage but they were enjoying every bit of their performance. Both have a great time performing and embrace every second of it.

I received their newest EP Hell and Silence and I can’t stop listening to it. Their music makes the whole room head bob and maybe dance a little. Every song on their EP is well put together and it pays off. Their efforts let their audience know that they care about the music that they produce. After being a band for nearly 5 years, I’m surprised these guys aren’t signed. Imagine Dragons is a band to look out for.

Check them out:

Also pick up their new single “America” on their myspace for free!


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