Hawthorne Heights

Throughout the years, Hawthorne Heights have set the standard for multiple genres. They don’t say that they have an emo influence or an alternative feel. They combined the best of those genres and created something that has inspired many. Although they are great musicians, their performance on July 16 at Area 702 was not up to par.

I have listened to Hawthorne Heights since I was a freshman in high school. I remember my friend and I would do covers of their songs. Their music through my earphones was just mesmerizing. Also, some of their videos were innovative. I guess I had big expectations for them when I would see them live.

Before their set, they were trying to coax the crowd to move towards the stage more and have it like a “real” concert. When Hawthorne Heights stepped on stage, I was a little excited. For many years, I wanted to see them live. They started their set with “Saying Sorry” and I was ecstatic that they played this song. The crowd was singing along and were happy that they sang some of their old songs. As their set went on, their performance became lackluster. JT Woodruff was not as enthusiastic about the show. It felt like he wanted to be done with their set as fast as possible. The only time he interacted with the crowd was towards the end when he asked for a mosh pit. The other members were trying their best to get the crowd excited. Micah Carli on the other hand was great. He was into every song and his performance somewhat saved the show. Eron Bucciarelli had the same outlook as Micah Carli did towards the show. He put his every effort into it and it showed well.

I’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe the Vegas heat was too much for them to handle. Although their performance was dull, they did release a pretty good album. They stayed true to their sound yet there is a little twist that I can’t seem to figure out. The new album showcases what they have been through as a band, which vary from Casey’s death to a time of loneliness. This album is just full of emotion and its a great way for these guys to start something new.

Go pick up their album Skeletons: myspace.com/hawthorneheights


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