The British have brought over fish n’ chips, the queen, as well as The Beatles. On July 23, Keane has set foot in the Las Vegas heat to put on an amazing show at the House of Blues.

Keane has had a remarkable reputation around the world. They’ve toured most of Europe, Asia, and South America. Now it was North America’s turn to get a taste of what the rest of the world has seen with this band. On their U.S. tour, they brought along Fran Healy from Travis and Ingrid Michaelson. This lineup couldn’t get any better.

To start the show off, Fran Healy did a few songs from both Travis and his solo project. He did an amazing job, not only with his music but with his jokes. He’s hilarious! Plus it was his birthday so he was just enjoying himself. The next performer that went on stage was Ingrid Michaelson. Ingrid Michaelson has such a bubbly personality on stage and it makes her show enjoyable. The first song that she played was “Soldier”. This is one of the few songs I know from her and I was ecstatic that she played it. She even put a little Lady Gaga into the song which was totally unexpected. Ingrid Michaelson’s set was full of surprises. These surprises ranged from the “Toxic” cover to a cover of her own song “The Way I Am” to her band’s exit dance. Over all, her set was very entertaining and it left smiles across everyone’s faces.

Once Ingrid Michaelson was done with her set, Keane was up next. It took awhile for them to set up their equipment. I think the house music was on for almost an hour. After every song there would be that glimpse of hope that they would go on stage and start, but they didn’t until it came around 9:30 p.m. When they got on stage, they opened with “Back In Time.” Tom Chaplin is an amazing front man. With every song, he puts so much heart into it and his fans were ecstatic. Also, his mannerisms and the way he just moved across the stage fit with their sound. Tim Rice-Oxley was on keys and he was rocking out like there was no tomorrow. Richard Hughes’ harmonies with Tom was spotless. His drumming was very clean as well. This band just puts on a great show and every person enjoyed every minute of it.

I had the amazing opportunity to take pictures of them during their show. When they played  “Everybody’s Changing,” I was actually jumping up and down because of excitement and enjoying the song while trying to take pictures. They played most of my favorite songs off of their four albums. But the one that stuck out was “Perfect Symmetry” from Perfect Symmetry. That song has such meaningful lyrics and the instrumentals are to leave you in amazement. I love the fact that they were so gracious and appreciative of their fans for coming out to the show. They didn’t waste a second to stop after at least four songs to thank the audience and say how much it means to them that their music is acknowledged and their lyrics are being sung back to them. It’s every musician’s dream to have those kind of fans.

Looking back on the concert after almost a week, I’m still in an astonished state. Hands down, this concert has to be one of the best concerts that I’ve ever been to.

If you haven’t heard of Keane, please check them out:

Ingrid Michaelson:

Fran Healy/Travis:

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