Have You Heard – Where You Want Me EP

I posted an earlier article stating which bands I would sign in a heartbeat. One of those bands was Have You Heard. To tell the truth, I was right about my assumption. I would sign these guys if given the opportunity. They recently released a new EP called Where You Want Me. Its actually really good and its sure to leave you in high spirits.

Have You Heard comes from one of the greatest cities for music, Nashville, Tennessee. You can assume that these guys will produce something that will blow your mind. This band has gone through many challenges in a little over a year, but their determination has put them on the map with fans all over the country and maybe even the world. Their new EP, Where You Want Me, is pretty good. I downloaded it and I haven’t stopped listening to it for the past three days. That’s how good it is.

Where You Want Me is Have You Heard’s debut EP with new members. From what I can hear, they have found a great balance of pop, punk, and alternative. Jeff Moore’s high pitch vocals reminds me of Kenny Vasoli’s when he was in The Starting Line. Paired with his vocals, the instrumentals produced by the band will make a room full of people dance. Their sound is very catchy and their lyrics pertain to real life situations and emotions. Its rare to see that now because of all the other aesthetic songs out there. Favorite songs off of their EP would either be “Who I Was Before” or “Where You Want Me.” These two songs could be the anthem of my life right now.

If their music is good, then I’m sure that they will be amazing in concert.

Make sure to get their free EP on: myspace.com/haveyouheard


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