Prior generations will be proud of what SPEAK is doing with their music. The music that they produce is nothing that you’ve heard of in the past decade but it may have been familiar in the past three decades. These four guys put their talents and creativity to work and has become the band that we call SPEAK. Coming from one of the biggest music scenes in the country and one of my favorite cities: Austin, Texas, this quartet will actually leave you speechless.

This four piece pop/electronica band consists of Troupe Gammage (Vocals, Synth), Joey Delahoussaye (Bass, Vocals), Nick Hurt (Guitar, Vocals), and Jake Stewart (Drums). These guys have captured the true essence of what Pop music is. SPEAK’s set on August 29 at Wac’d Out Waco was very lively despite the show’s turnout. With a very limited crowd, SPEAK still surprised every single person that attended the show.

Troupe Gammage has so much drive for the music that he produces with the other members of SPEAK, that its gotten them to where they are now. His innovative use of the synthesizer will leave you in amazement. Not only are his synth skills astounding, his voice is so diverse that its hard to believe that this type of vocal range is coming from him. On the left side of Troupe, Nick Hurt was on guitars and his performance can be compared to his shirt: colorful and lively. Along with Nick’s energetic performance was Joey Delahoussaye’s upbeat vibe. I’ve heard that Joey Delahoussaye is pretty amazing at guitar but he plays the bass so well it’s like second nature to him. Both Nick and Joey set the tone for the show with their in sync dancing and passion for the music they make. Although Jake Stewart was in the background, he had an outstanding performance and his drumming was very enjoyable.

During their set, they did a few covers that ranged from Michael Jackson to Daft Punk. You can tell that these guys are well versed in the 80’s and 90’s. Their enthusiasm for these eras sets them aside from other artists who are trying to get into this kind of genre. Not only are their covers spot on, their music is incredible. It’s Depeche Mode meets DeadMau5. It’s refreshing to hear a good synth/pop/indie band nowadays. No wonder these guys were named Austin’s Best New Band.

Check them out: myspace.com/hearspeakhere


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