Anberlin has done it again! On September 29, 2010, Anberlin has stepped on the House of Blues stage in Dallas, Texas to perform what seems to be their best show yet.

This five piece rock group originates from the land of sunshine: Florida. They have come a long way since their first days of Blue Prints For The Black Market and have only set the standards of what a true and genuine band should be. This fall, Anberlin sets out on another headlining tour in support of their new album Dark is the Way, Light is a Place. On their tour, they’ve brought along South Africa’s Civil Twilight and their friends from Crash Kings.

The first band that got on stage was Civil Twilight. These guys knew how to start the show off. Their sound is nothing that I’ve heard of, but this is a great thing. To hear a band that is so eclectic is just astounding. From their innovative use of a violin bow to Steven and Andrew’s eerie instrumentals, Civil Twilight has left a good impression on their new and old fans. The next band that opened for Anberlin was Crash Kings. Crash Kings consists of brothers Mike and Tony Beliveau as well as Jason Morris. These three guys have an energy of a five year old when they’re on stage. They put on a lively show. Plus, their sound feels familiar but they put a twist on it; its uncanny. These two bands will leave you wanting more and with a smile on your face.

Once Civil Twilight and Crash Kings were done with their set, it didn’t take long for Anberlin to get on stage. The first song that they performed was “We Owe This To Ourselves” which is off of their new album and that got the crowd pumped. Stephen Christian has such a charismatic presence on stage. He loves performing for his fans and you can tell that through his mic swings and head banging. He also engages with the crowd and his fans are more than ecstatic for that. Throughout the whole show, Christian McAlhaney and Deon Rexroat were very animated. They both have so much energy and its always fun to watch them. Both musicians are by far my favorite to photograph. Joey Milligan on the other hand was very composed but he did put on an amazing show. Nate Young is just an amazing drummer. He puts so much heart into his talent and it shows very well. Like Stephen, Nate is also a charismatic performer. On top of that, he is a drumming prodigy. All in all, this band is very inspiring and puts on a show that you can’t miss.

While I was taking pictures of them, I couldn’t help but sing along to every song. The body guards must have thought I was crazy. Their music has been so influential in so many people’s lives and to see them on stage makes them more personal. The set list consisted of songs fromDark is the Way, Light is a Place and songs way back from Never Take Friendship Personal. The song that will always be my favorite is “Dismantle. Repair.” and I was pretty much on cloud 9 when they played it. It always grabs my attention because of the lyrics and the instrumental composition is amazing. All you could read on Stephen Christian’s face was happiness. I think that all he and his band members could ask for is their music being sung or shouted back at them; and they got what they wanted. The crowd was enthusiastic with every song that they played and Anberlin was grateful for that.

Anberlin has grown so much through the industry. It’s amazing to see a band that everyone knows and loves pull through from their last album and come out with an amazing new album and a tour. One thing that I will say about this concert is that I wish they played all 90 of their songs. But this has to be one of my most memorable concerts that I’ve attended.

If you haven’t heard of Anberlin please go and check them out:

Civil Twilight:

Crash Kings:

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