Ariel Abshire

A songbird can bring joy and peace to any mood of the day. On November 23, Ariel Abshire took the stage at Stubb’s in Austin and pretty much blew everyone’s mind with her heartfelt lyrics and slow tempo tunes.

This Austin native has taken the Austin music scene by storm. Ariel Abshire has performed for thousands of people already and she’s only just getting started. Ariel’s voice is a cross between Ingrid Michaelson and Zooey Deschanel. She even resembles that of Zooey Deschanel. The wide range Ariel’s voice can reach is just amazing. Her voice is very unique and organic. Also the subtle strums of her guitar give her sound a delicate and sultry tone. With a voice like her’s paired with the sound that she’s achieve makes a perfect combination.

While on stage, Ariel Abshire was very composed and had an indie feel to her set. Her set consisted of covers as well as songs from her album Exclamation Love. My favorite song off her setlist was “She’s On You Mind.” It reflects the subject of first loves and how your first love will never be forgotten. Another great song was “No Great Pretender.” Although she normally doesn’t play this often, Ariel Abshire did a phenomenal job performing it. During her show, there were people shouting random things and she was not afraid to say a witty comment back. Ariel, from what I could tell, loves to interact with the crowd and she makes sure that they have a great time. Along with every song came with a great anecdote. One statement that stuck with me is how her parents are so supportive of her music. She’s already gotten the support of the most important people and now she is gaining the support of old and new fans.

All in all, her set was very enjoyable and totally exceeded my expectations.

Check out her music: