Carter Hulsey

Not many people can hold a crowd of young teenagers’ attention for more than fifteen minutes. But Carter Hulsey did more than enough to capture the attention of a room full of people.

Coming from Joplin, Missouri, Carter Hulsey and his band has set out on The Harmony Tour with his good friends from NeverShoutNever. Like his fellow Missourian, Hulsey’s sound is the quintessential of folk indie music. Although his music is mellow at times, his performance was totally opposite of calm.

On stage, Carter Hulsey puts so much energy in his show and his fans are overjoyed to see his enthusiasm. He isn’t scared to interact with his fans and the crowd. During the show, there were people clapping and singing along to every song that he sang. Often times, his fans would set the mood of the show: lighthearted. When you have fans like Carter’s, then anything you do is worth it. Not only are his fans supportive, his band mates totally have his back when it comes to shows. His band has as much energy on stage as Carter does. Collectively, they make music that all ages could enjoy.

Hulsey’s set consisted of songs from both his albums: Black And Blue and A Note In Your Pocket. When the song ‘Black and Blue’ was played, that was just it for me. That song has to be my favorite because of the lyrics itself. It’s just a good ballad. While taking pictures of his set, all I could hear from his fans were shouts of either “I love you Carter” or whispers of “He’s cute.” Hulsey has for sure grabbed the attention of new fans when you hear those words.

One second Carter’s performance would be silly and animated, and the next it would be placid and heartfelt. His shows are sure to amaze you and leave you with wanting more, literally.

Check out his music:

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