The Harmony Tour

After going through a rough patch with record labels, NeverShoutNever has come out on top with his new album as well as a tour. NeverShoutNever brings along his friends Carter Hulsey, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, and The Maine for a tour that all ages will never forget.

To open the show, Carter Hulsey was up first. Once Hulsey was done, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business was up next. Not many people can pull off a two man band but these guys definitely have the ability to do so. Their performance was full of liveliness. Ace Enders knows how to put on a show. When their set ended, The Maine came on.

The Maine originates from Phoenix, Arizona and they have been around the world since they have been signed. This five piece rock group has captured the hearts of many teenage girls as well as the acceptance of music savvy guys. John O’Callaghan just woos the crowd with his strong voice and his quirky stage mannerisms. Alongside John, Garret Nicklesen was on bass. His liveliness was infectious. Kennedy Brock was calm at times but there were moments where he would just rock out. Pat Kirch may be small and skinny, he had enough energy and skill to play more than one set. Jared’s, Kennedy’s, and John’s harmonies were just amazing and the crowd was loving every second of it.

Once The Maine was done with their set, NeverShoutNever took the stage. Christofer Drew came on stage by himself with a guitar and a harmonica around his neck. On top of that, he also came out with a cigarette butt. You read it, a cigarette butt. That’s a first for me or, I guess, for anyone. His set consisted of songs from his newly released album Harmony to his Me and My Uke EP. Across the crowd, there were a sea of peace signs and heart shaped hands. NeverShoutNever’s show can somewhat resemble what Woodstock would be minus the drugs and nudity. To end the show, Christofer Drew left the crowd with these words, “Live with love.”

I remember listening to these guys and seeing them live when I was in high school. All these bands have grown so much and its nice to see that their talents are getting recognized and appreciated.

Check them out:


The Maine:

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business:

Carter Hulsey:

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