The Rocket Summer

There are no words to describe Bryce Avary’s performance on November 23 at Stubb’s Austin except for mind-blowing!

There has never been a show that was so organic and raw like Bryce Avary’s. He wanted a tour where the true fans would be able to sing with him, hence the tour’s name Bryce Avary: His Instrumentals and Your Voice Tour. This concept was very strange but it was awesome in so many ways.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Bryce Avary has gotten so far in the music industry; meaning that he’s dealt with a lot of people in the industry, those who have supported him as well as doubted him. With this type of tour, I can sense that Bryce Avary doesn’t care about the people who haven’t supported him because there are a thousand more people who love his music.

Ariel Abshire opened up for the Stubb’s show. To start off the show, he told a story. A story that would change everything for him. Bryce explains how he used to work at a Starbucks and how everyone that he encountered was very picky on what they wanted. By having this job, he finally decided to go after his dream of making music. His set was full of surprises. It consisted of songs from his Of Men and Angels album as well as songs that date back to Calendar Days. The crowd was loving every second of the show. He puts so much heart when he’s on stage. When he’s either on the keys, guitar, or drums, Mr. Avary gives it all he’s got. Even without a full band, he’s very lively and animated. It was a show that every TRS fan should attend.

Aside from having a set list, he was taking requests from the audience. It was hard to know what they wanted because everyone was shouting out every possible song that he’s produced. But with all the craziness occurring, Bryce was able to perform the crowd favorites. My favorite would either be “Walls” or “Hills and Valleys.” During the show, Bryce had a plethora of stories to tell. Some of the stories were song related and some were just random stories. Can I just say that this guy is hilarious! When he tells a story he gets into it. He does impersonations or changes his voice to fit the story. He also knows how to work the crowd. Towards the end of his show, Bryce decided to get in the crowd and sing “Cross My Heart.” His fans loved it!

I think the reason why Bryce wanted to put on a tour like this is because he wants to show transparency. Transparency in is his music as well as his character. He’s achieved both of those. So if you see The Rocket Summer live or hear his songs, thank the pink cookie man (for those who don’t know about this, Bryce has mentioned it during his show).

Check out his music:

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