Family Force 5

If you’re looking for a Christmas dance party, then Family Force 5 has brought it on the road. On December 14, Family Force 5 took the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas and put on an incredible show.

Coming all the way from the “Dirty South”: Atlanta, Georgia, these five guys are true entertainers. Throughout the years, Family Force 5 has always been a family, literally and figuratively. They have built their music around the idea of a real family and their sound is more than well accepted with the crowd. This year, Family Force 5 sets out on another Christmas Pageant tour with Forever The Sickest Kids, Secondhand Serenade, and Shorelines End.

Brothers Solomon Olds (Soul Glow Activatur), Jacob Olds (Crouton), and Joshua Olds (Fatty) have so much energy and charisma on stage that its hard not to watch them perform. Nathan Currin (Nadaddy) was on the left of the stage and was working the synth and the keyboard. Derek Mont (Chap Stique) was enjoying every part of his set. He has so much enthusiasm when he performs and never lacks in antics. But those antics are very creative and entertaining to watch. Jacob Olds (Crouton) was on the drums and never missed a beat. He’s just pure talent. He can sing, play drums, as well as stand on top of his drum set and jump. On bass was Joshua Olds (Fatty). Unlike his stage name, Fatty is nowhere near being slow on stage. He has as much energy as the rest of the group and playing the bass was second nature to him. Family Force 5’s front man is Solomon Olds or known as Soul Glow Activatur. This guy can work the crowd. He is so charismatic and fun never stops when he’s on stage.

Family Force 5’s performance was packed full of enthusiasm and energy. Their set consisted of songs from their album Dance or Die as well as their well known songs off of Business Up Front, Party In The Back. They also played some Christmas songs to go along with the theme of the show. The crowd loved every second of their show. They were singing and dancing along to all the song; it was a Christmas dance party. This was Family Force 5’s goal of the night and they have achieved it. Can I just mention how the lighting of their set was incredible. It was a show in and of itself.

These guys put on an amazing show and their fans left with more than just smiles, some managed to get a present from them.

Check them out:

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