Forever The Sickest Kids

Craziness and a charismatic presence is all it takes to get a crowd going. On December 14, Forever The Sickest Kids presented those two characteristics and stepped foot on the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas. With their performance, Forever The Sickest Kids sure wowed the crowd.

Originally from Texas, Forever The Sickest Kids made the biggest music scene proud. They didn’t fall short of bringing the Lone Star’s personality on stage for the Vegas crowd. For the past month, FTSK has been on tour with Family Force 5, Secondhand Serenade, and Shorelines End on the Christmas Pageant Tour. With this type of line up, it was sure to be a great night.

Jonathan Cook is notorious for his vocals as well as his stage presence. He continues to get the crowd involved as well as having great chemistry with all the guys on stage. Not to mention that he can move his hips. To the right of Cook was Austin Bello. Austin Bello was on bass. He was able to manage playing the bass and doing vox for some of the songs. Their rhythm guitarist is Marc Stewart and a new addition to the line up the last time I saw them. Although he may be new, Marc seems like he’s been in the band for years. He as much enthusiasm and energy as the rest of the guys in the band. On lead guitar and vocals was Caleb Turman. Unlike his big, crazy hair, Caleb was very collected during the performance. But, he did an amazing job on lead guitar. Kyle Burns was behind the drums and he was loving every bit of his performance. The newest member of the band is Kent Garrison. He fits in very well with the band and he kept up with all of their antics.

Forever The Sickest Kids set consisted of songs from Underdog Alma Mater to their EP Weekend: Friday. These guys have so much pride in their music and fans that it’s always exciting to see that. They also played a new song called “Life of the Party.” This new song gave fans an insight of what is to come for FTSK in 2011. Not only did they play songs from their albums, but they had a Christmas sing-along complete with written lyrics for the fans. It was very entertaining to watch especially when they had special guest Chum Lee hand out presents for the craziest fans. Austin Bello said, “It’s about the quality, not quantity.” This is very true when it came to the Vegas crowd. Although there weren’t many people attending the show, each and every one of them were either shouting the lyrics or dancing along to every song.

This band puts a lot of effort into their shows and its well payed off.

They are releasing a new album in March 2011. Be on the lookout for that.

Check them out:

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