Parade of Lights

Having such a diverse background can work to someone’s advantage. Parade of Lights has quite a resume when it comes to the band members. On December 17, Parade of Lights took Area 702’s stage and wowed the crowd.

Parade of Lights has been together for four years but has been under this name for one year and they have taken the Vegas music scene by storm. Coming from different walks of life, Parade of Lights is based in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This quartet consists of Ryan Daly (vocals, guitar), Matt Frey (keyboards, vocals), Randy Schulte (bass, vocals), and Anthony Improgo (drums). The music that they make is very catchy and makes you want to dance. With this type of sound, these guys were for sure going to deliver an awesome show.

Ryan Daly was front and center of the stage. He has a presence that will make anyone want to be around him. His vocals are spot on and it blends well with the music that he and his bandmates produce. To the left of Ryan was Matt Frey. Matt Frey was on the keyboard and was very calm and collected but he was bobbing his head to every song. Randy Schulte was on the bass and was very energetic on stage. With his high spirits, Randy enjoyed every second of his performance. Towards the back of the stage was Anthony Improgo on drums. This guy has so much passion for the music that he makes; it’s always refreshing to see that. Plus, he did an amazing job on the drums. The music these guys produce will leave a room full of people with an appreciation for their music and leaving them wanting to dance to their sound.

Their set was filled with songs off of their self-titled EP and it sure grabbed the audience’s attention. Not only did they do an amazing job entertaining the crowd, but they worked around the sound system. Although both the PA system and the lights went out on them, Parade of Lights fell nothing short of extraordinary. With the situations that these guys faced, they’re sure bound for success in the industry.

Check them out:

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