Assemble The Skyline

When it comes to hard work and determination, Assemble The Skyline has it. These guys have what it takes to come out on top. On December 18, Assemble The Skyline took over The Box Office’s stage and gave one heck of a show.

Based in Los Angeles, Ca, this punk pop quartet consists of Luke Boor (vocals, guitar), Nick Anderson (drums), Max Waller (bass, vocals), and Austin Hayman (guitar, vocals). With a sound similar to that of New Found Glory, Assemble The Skyline was sure to entertain their fans as well as gain new ones. For being a band for only two years, they’ve hit the ground running and already have a pretty big fan base in Vegas. Their enthusiasm for the music that they produce is clearly portrayed in their show.

Luke Boor did vocals and played the guitar for the band. His performance was more than enough to get the crowd going. He wasn’t afraid to interact with the crowd and the audience was ecstatic about it. To the left of Luke was Austin Hayman on lead guitar. Throughout the set, he kept to himself but he had moments where he gave it all he had. Those were the moments where the crowd enjoyed his performance. Max Waller was on bass and did a phenomenal job. He was all over the place and was very energetic. Towards the back of the stage was Nick Anderson. Although I could barely see Nick, there was never a dull moment with him. He puts a lot of effort into his set and it was well-received with the crowd. The harmony between Austin, Max, and Luke is very well balanced and they do a great job splitting up the vocals. It works well with the music they make.

Assemble The Skyline’s set consisted of songs off of their EP Let’s Hang Out. Their show was filled mostly with high spirits. It had a house party feel and that’s what these guys were going for. Every member of the band’s goal is to be able to relate to their fans and get to know who they’re playing for. You never see this anymore in the industry and its always refreshing to see these qualities in a band.

With their high energy shows and passion for their music and fans, there is no doubt that these guys will make it in the industry. They’ll surely blow your mind when you see these guys live.

Check them out:

Make sure to grab their new EP Right Here, Right Now on January 7!


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