A Night Of Worship With Aaron Gillespie

When walking into University Baptist Church, you can already feel the essence of worship. It was a place to feel vulnerable but in a good way. That’s what Aaron Gillespie wanted to achieve when doing this tour.

On March 4, Aaron Gillespie and his worship band came to Waco, Texas to talk about his faith as well as share it those who haven’t heard of it. This tour was a way to let Aaron Gillespie’s fans know that he has so much enthusiasm for his faith and it’s okay to show that to the public.

Opening the show was Before It’s Too Late. They have a sound that is uncanny yet so different from many bands. Jackie Niswanger has a voice that is like no other. Her vocals meshes well with the music that they make, whether its through just an acoustic show or a full band. The rest of the band: Mason Dunnam, Noah Diaz, and Nash Turbeville, have such great chemistry on stage and a passion to serve the Lord that it’s incredible to watch. Before It’s Too Late came to the show with a purpose and a mission, which is to show the love of God to their audience, and they’ve accomplished that very well. The next act was both Abby Baker and Zach Colyer. Baker and Colyer shared the stage and went back and forth when singing their own songs. Abby Baker has a subtle tone to her music while Zach Colyer had a zealous approach to his worship. It was a great balance and a nice surprise to see how alive this generation is for God.

Once Zach and Abby were finished with their set, Aaron Gillespie and his worship band took the stage. Aaron Gillespie is known for his drumming in UnderOath and vocals and in The Almost. Now, he’s taken a different approach to performing and that was to glorify the one he worships rather than himself. His set started off with “We Were Made For You” which is off of his new album Anthem Song. This got the crowd ready for a night of worship and connecting with a God that is all knowing and all powerful. Throughout his set, Gillespie was fired up for his faith and his energy rubbed off on the audience. Many people were lifting their hands in prayer and in worship and this is what Aaron Gillespie wanted. “Everyone is made for worship” was the theme to the show. His music and adaptations of orthodox songs gave young people the ability to worship freely and passionately.

Gillespie’s new solo album, Anthem Song, gives the classic hymns and worship songs a twist. He makes every song his own but at the same time glorifying God. This is all very different from what Aaron Gillespie usually does, music wise, but all in all it’s a great and inspiring album.

Check his music out: www.facebook.com/AaronRGillespie

Also go grab Anthem Song out now!

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