Taylor Thrash

When you take the lyrics of Christofer Drew of NeverShoutNever and combine it with the musicality of HelloGoodbye you get Taylor Thrash. On March 9, Taylor Thrash and his band set foot on The Door stage and gave a crowd a phenomenal show.

Originally from Dallas, Taylor has probably been around music while growing. He has quite a resume when it comes to performing. He’s opened for Forever The Sickest Kids and now he started the Love Is All Around Us Tour in Dallas off with a bang.

Taylor Thrash’s set totally blew me and the crowd away. His performance was filled with energy and enthusiasm. No one would have ever thought that he was sick before and during his set, but Thrash has pulled off a lively show. One can say that his music is more on the pop side but it works well with his voice. The atmosphere during his performance was all around joyful. There wasn’t much of a crowd for his set, but Thrash’s performance made up for it. His set consisted of songs from his self titled album; with a few surprises like covering an All American Rejects oldie. One can describe his music as a bit on the soft side but it totally works. He may be young but when you listen to the lyrics of his songs, he’s had his few shares of love and loss. When Thrash played “La La Love” the crowd sang along with him and that was a delightful touch to the end of his set.

With his lyrics and sound, he fits right in with the Love Is All Around Tour and the people who were lined up to play for the show. His performance was surely not disappointing.

Check him out: www.taylorthrash.com

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