Love All Around Us Tour

When it comes to love, a lot of things can be complicated. But on the Love Is All Around Us Tour, there was nothing complicated or perplexed about the line up. The tour was fitting at the time. It also had a the perfect line up.

On March 9, bands of Love is All Around Us Tour hit The Door in Dallas stage and totally spread some love around the venue. The line up consisted of Taylor Thrash, Plug In Stereo, Carter Hulsey, He Is We, and The Scene Aesthetic. This is quite a line up and each band gave a love filled performance.

To start the show off, Taylor Thrash performed. His review can be found in the archives of the reviews section. Next to perform was Plug In Stereo. This band is fronted by Trevor Dahl and his acoustic guitar. His sound can be compared to NeverShoutNever. His set was all about the crowd. He and his band always tried to get the crowd to either clap or wave their arms back and forth. It was a great way to be personal and give the crowd a fun show. After Plug In Stereo, Carter Hulsey performed. This time around, Hulsey didn’t have a full band, but it still worked out for him. During his set, he was taking requests from the audience. It was a very laid back show and his performance gave the atmosphere a sense of calmness. After his set, He Is We went on stage to perform. Their review can be found in the archives as well.

When He Is We finished their set, The Scene Aesthetic closed the show. The Scene Aesthetic is a Washington duo that has a sweet yet raw sound when it comes to their music. Their set consisted of songs off of their recently released album Humans as well as songs from their first self titled album. To start the show off, they started with “So Peter, You’ve Become A Pirate.” This song is usually just an acoustic song, but on this tour Andrew and Eric brought along friends and pulled it off with a full band. It was a nice surprise to hear this song with a full band, and it was great to say the least. They ended their set with “A Beauty In The Breakdown” with a full band as well. Over the years, Andrew De Torres and Eric Bowley have found a great balance between their talents. Their harmonies are just outstanding. Lyrics wise, these guys have it. With every single one of their songs, love, loss, and life experiences are captured to the fullest.

Every single person felt the love in the room. All the bands have put on an incredible show and their audience loved every second of it.

If you haven’t checked out these bands, please do so!

The Scene Aesthetic –

He Is We –

Carter Hulsey –

Plug In Stereo –

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