David Dulcie

It was a night filled with talent and smiles. David Dulcie and the Ragtag Army brought their musicality and their lovely personalities on stage.

On March 23, David Dulcie and the Ragtag Army set up a free show at Baylor University’s Sub Bowl. This show was not an ordinary show. It was their first EP release and they couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.

David Dulcie and the Ragtag Army consists of David Dulcie (vocals/guitars), BB Sanford (vocals), Nick Hinshaw (lead guitar), Jordan Neumann (drums), David Childress (bass), Stephen Cookus (trumpet), Ben Peterson (trombone). This is a larger band than normal, but every person’s talent adds a uniqueness to their sound. Dulcie’s and Sanford’s voice meshes well together. Both have their harmonies on point and it makes the music that they make enjoyable to listen. Not many bands bring in a brass section, but the addition of both the trumpet and the trombone gives the band’s sound an upbeat vibe. David Childress was on bass and had an eye patch on. This was a first, for me at least. Despite the patch, his performance was delightful. Nick Hinshaw and Jordan Neumann did a phenomenal job. Hinshaw has an incredible talent when it comes to the guitar. Jordan Neumann was reserved throughout the set, but there were times where he had his moments. Both showed that they were proud of the music they made.

One can say their music is similar to that of Dave Matthews Band. David Dulcie has a very distinct voice. It’s uncanny in some way. It’s a mix between country and the blues, but it works well with the music he makes.Their music creates a feel good atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. The set consisted of songs from their EP to a few covers like The Beatles’ “Come Together.” It was a night filled with upbeat tempos that left the crowd with smiles on their face. They ended with their single “Voodoo” off of their new EP. This song showcased every single person’s talents whether it was the guitar or the trumpet. It was a great way to end the show.

Throughout the set, David Dulcie wasn’t afraid to interact with the crowd. It was more of a conversational set, rather than a formal concert. This is what a show should be: comfortable for everyone. The atmosphere David Dulcie and the Ragtag Army created was enjoyed by everyone.

Go check them out: www.uproarrecords.com/artists/david-dulcie

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