Zoo Studio

High energy, laughs, and great music. These three things sum up how Zoo Studio’s show on April 7 was. Many people have anticipated Zoo Studio’s Black and White EP release and they were more than satisfied with the outcome.

To start the show off, Ty Mayfield took the stage. His music is reminiscent of Michael Bublé. Most of his songs are played on the piano with an upbeat tune. Next to perform was Sunday Lane. She has vocals like no one else. It can be described as Regina Spektor but an octave lower. Her voice works well with the music that she produces. Once Sunday Lane finished, Zoo Studio took the stage. Their transition on to the stage is one to remember. Not many bands incorporate the opener, but Zoo Studio and Sunday Lane wowed the crowd when both collaborated to make a perfect entrance.

Zoo Studio is made up of Max Helmerich (Guitar, Vocals), John Steen (Guitar, Vocals), Alex Wheaton (Bass), and Ben Aguinaga (Drums). This quartet gives an energetic vibe to their set. The minute they stepped on stage, the crowd went crazy. The audience was standing on chairs and tables just to see these guys perform. For the most part, Zoo Studio puts on an interactive show. They try to include the whole audience and this makes the atmosphere lively. Zoo Studio’s sound is composed of catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals between Max Helmerich and John Steen. Since the show was their EP release, Zoo Studio put all their enthusiasm and energy into the show and it paid off. The whole room was cheering and singing along to their songs. Zoo Studio made it a show to remember.

If you haven’t picked up their new EP Black & White, go do so. It will have you dancing nonstop.

Check them out: www.uproarrecords.com/artists/zoo-studio

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