The Dirty Work Tour

Doing dirty work is not very desirable to anyone. But the four bands on The Dirty Work Tour did more than just their job. They exceeded everyone’s expectation. On April 9, All Time Low took a few of their friends from The Summer Set, Hey Monday, and Yellowcard and brought them to Stubb’s in Austin to put on a show that the crowd enjoyed.

To start the show off, The Summer Set took the stage. Their attitudes were exuberant and the crowd loved every second of their set. Brian Dales knows how to work the crowd. He has a knack for interacting with them and making the show a bit more intimate. Jess Bowen was on the drums and she gave one of the best performances anyone has seen. She has so much heart and passion for her career and it shows in her drumming. These five musicians from Arizona made a lasting impression on the Austin crowd.

Next up was Hey Monday. Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Hey Monday gives off a catchy and upbeat vibe throughout the whole set. Cassadee Pope holds the crowds attention very well. To the right was Mike Gentile. He was all over the place and charismatic. He wasn’t afraid to interact with the crowd as well as the camera. Alex Lipshaw was more on the reserved side but he carried himself well throughout the set. This band has a lot of character and are fun to see live.

The headliner for The Dirty Work Tour was All Time Low. These four guys from Maryland are full of antics and energy when they take the stage. Each member has a sense of humor that pleases the crowd. Frontman Alex Gaskarth put on a show that everyone enjoyed. Jack Barakat was on lead guitar and he had many tricks up his sleeves. His performance was phenomenal and had great interaction with his audience. Not to mention how the audience showed their love for him through throwing bras at him. Barakat’s and Gaskarth’s friendship is clearly displayed when on stage. They both seem like brothers and one isn’t seen without the other. Zach Merrick had an outstanding performance. Rian Dawson was towards the back stage. He kept up with Merrick, Barakat, and Gaskarth’s upbeat and silly attitude. The set consisted of songs from their EP Put Up or Shut Up to their Nothing Personal album. Their fans loved every second of their performance.

The Dirty Work Tour was filled with antics, laughs, as well as hard working musicians who love the music they produce. The bands on this tour are worth listening to and meeting.

Check them out!

All Time Low:

Hey Monday:

The Summer Set:


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