Yellowcard is back! After a three year long hiatus, the rock group from Florida released a new album and hit the road harder than ever.

Starting out in Jackson, Florida, this five piece pop punk rock group made a name for themselves in the early 2000’s and their fans couldn’t have been more excited when they went back on tour. Joining the Dirty Work Tour with All Time Low, Hey Monday, and The Summer Set, Yellowcard stepped on Stubb’s stage and gave one heck of a show.

Yellowcard is composed of Ryan Key (Vocals, Guitar), Sean Mackin (Violin, Vocals), Ryan Mendez (Guitar), Sean O’Donnell (Bass), and Longineu Parsons (Drums). Their chemistry on stage as well as their stage presence are astounding. Ryan Key, although he was coming down with an illness, managed to get the crowd going. Sean Mackin was to the left of Key and he gave the most energetic performance anyone has seen. He was enthusiastic when the crowd sang back the lyrics to their song. Sean O’Donnell and Ryan Mendez were more on the reserved side of the performance but they both show that they have a passion for the music that they produce. Longineu Parsons III did a phenomenal job at the drums. Each member’s eagerness and charismatic personalities on stage made the performance unforgettable.

Yellowcard’s set consisted of songs off of their new album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. They played their singles from that album and the crowd had a receptive attitude. Not many fans will know a band’s new album right off the bat at a concert when it has recently come out, but Yellowcard fans sang the lyrics for both “Hang You Up” and “For You And Your Denial.” This shows that Yellowcard is still going strong in the music industry and there’s nothing stopping them. Most of the set list consisted of songs from their previous album Paper Walls to their hit CD Ocean Avenue. When these songs were played, the crowd was more than ecstatic to hear it. They closed their show off with “Ocean Avenue” and everyone in the audience probably had memories flooding back. It was a great way to end their set.

These guys have overcome so many obstacles in the music industry and they are proud of the music that they produce. Their new album is incredible and a must have for this year.

Go check them out:

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