Matt & Kim

If you’re looking for a good time, Matt & Kim is the band to see. This duo gives life and energy to any kind of crowd. On April 29, Matt & Kim gave the crowd at Southwestern University a show that many had a heck of a time.

Hailing from New York, this charismatic duo had everyone in the crowd on their feet and dancing. Matt & Kim consists of Matt Johnson (Vocals, Keyboard) and Kim Schifino (Drums). Both have the energy of five years olds but have mouths like sailors. Their crazy antics and quirkiness makes their set fun and enjoyable.

Matt & Kim’s sound is made up of rapid tempo beats and witty lyrics. Their upbeat music can put anyone in a happy mood. Matt, when stepping on stage, has an affable presence, even right before he speaks or sings. His performance is very enjoyable and he makes the most of it by talking to the crowd and getting them involved throughout the show. Like Matt, Kim drums with a playful vibe. She, too, gets the crowd involved and isn’t afraid to talk to them or be silly. While on drums, Kim gives it her all. When she’s not on drums, she’s either running around the stage or standing on top of her drums getting the crowd pumped up.

Their set was filled with laughter and high spirits. They played most of their songs off of Grandand Sidewalks. Their first few songs consisted of “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” and “Block After Block.” These two songs got the crowd going. Everyone in the audience were singing at the top of their lungs. Throughout the set, Kim would run up to the crowd and give them high fives. Another highlight was Matt & Kim incorporated balloons, which made their set more of a party. Towards the end of the show, Kim decided to crowd surf. She trusted her fans to support her and with just their hands. The crowd did just that. Their fans supports Matt & Kim not only physically, but by staying loyal and continuing to listen to their music. They ended their set with many thank you’s and their hit song “Daylight.”

Matt & Kim puts so much effort into their music and shows, and every single one of their fans love them for it. This indie band has come a long way. Their hard work and passion is getting them to the top.

Make sure to get their new album Sidewalks!

Check them out:

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