Imagine Dragons EP Release

“They will be the next big band to come from Vegas.” This statement can put a lot of pressure on a band to uphold. But Imagine Dragons did an exceptional job on May 13 at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip.

To start the show off, Parade of Lights took the stage. These guys gave the crowd a good time. Ryan Daly puts every effort into his performance. He even played off technical difficulties with guitar by making the audience laugh. Each member of Parade of Lights incorporates different talents and personalities which make this band a great group to watch live. Not to mention, their music is very catchy. Theory of Flight came on stage after Parade of Lights. These five guys have so much drive and pride for their music. Each talent gives Theory of Flight an edge and they create an atmosphere of high spirits.

Many people have long been waiting, but imagine Dragons stepped on stage and the crowd was more than ecstatic to see each member doing what they love. Their set consisted of songs from their Hell and Silence EP to their newest It’s Time EP. With the start of each song, the crowd was already jumping and dancing around. Dan Reynolds sang every word with fervor and passion. The crowd loved his charismatic personality as well as his fantastic voice. Although Reynolds is the frontman, the talent behind Imagine Dragons would have to be Brittany Tolman. She has the voice to keep up with Reynolds yet not overpower him. D. Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Andrew Tolman gave an amazing performance and they deserved every applause the crowd gave.

It’s been a long anticipation, but Imagine Dragons have finally produced another EP that is sure to keep their loyal fans and new ones to enjoy. Their It’s Time EP is reminiscent of 80’s music but with a twist. Imagine Dragons gives encouragement to the American citizens in their song “America.” They’ve also gone international with this album with song titles like “Tokyo” and “Amsterdam.” Nonetheless, each song on the EP is bound to make anyone tapping their foot.

Make sure to grab their new EP It’s Time

Check them out:

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