Damnear Divine

Working in the Vegas music scene is a tough job. But the guys from Damnear Divine are doing just fine in a world that is under appreciated. On Saturday, May 21, Damnear Divine played during The Indie Music Festival and gave the crowd a great show.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Damnear Divine consists of Ryan Hart (Vocals), Aussie (Bass, Vox), Andres Razo (Guitar, Vocals), Ryan O’Mulroy (Guitar), and Chris Rosen (Drums). These five guys put their every talent and effort into their show. With their enthusiasm and liveliness, their performance was far from lackluster.

Their set was composed of songs off of their newest album Freeways & Farewells and Breakout. Ryan Hart gave a phenomenal performance. Whether it was his mic swings or his playful interaction with the crowd or his band, he did great. To the left of Hart was Aussie on the bass. He gives Damnear Divine an edge with his loud vox and talent. Andres Razo and Ryan O’Mulroy were on guitar and they both gave their audience an excellent performance. Chris Rosen played the drums and was towards the back of the stage. He has a very lively demeanor when on stage. He did what ever he could to get the crowd involved which included getting off his set and clapping.

Damnear Divine’s music can be described as hardcore with a hint of pop rock beats. Hart’s wide range of vocality paired with Aussie’s vox gives Damnear Divine a diverse genre that they succeed at. These guys have a great presence on stage and appreciate every single one of their fans.

Check them out: www.facebook.com/damneardivine

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