Fallen Riviera

With an accent that Will Parry has, you never would have guessed Fallen Riviera resides in Los Angeles. Fallen Riviera gave the crowd at Indie Music Festival an exciting show.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Fallen Riviera consists of Will Parry (Vocals, Keys), Steve Ornest (Guitar), Brock Pollock (Bass), and Mike Sutherland (Drums). These four guys have great chemistry onstage and their music portrays their passion for the sound they produce.

Their set consisted mostly of songs off of their album Six Mines. With each song, Parry often reminded the crowd to drink plenty of water (it was pretty hot that day). Besides his concern for the crowd, Will Parry had a charismatic approach to his set. To the right of Parry was Steve Ornest. Ornest was reserved for the majority of his set, but his performance was impeccable. Brock Pollock was on bass and he had great enthusiasm for his performance as well as the crowd. Towards the back of the stage was Mike Sutherland. Sutherland was on drums and he gave an amazing show.

Fallen Riviera’s sound can be described as a mix between indie pop and slow jams. It can be reminiscent of Abandoned Pools. With the combination of eerie guitar sounds and Parry’s unique voice, Fallen Riviera is definitely an indie band to look out for.

Check them out: www.fallenriviera.com

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