Paradise Fears: Yours Truly Album Review

Fun lyrical roller-coaster. These three words are what Sam Miller would describe the music that he produces in Paradise Fears. This is true when it comes to Paradise Fears’ newest and first full length album Yours Truly. The album is truly going to blow your mind.

Following the EP Make Them Believe, Paradise Fears produces an album that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Yours Truly starts off with the pop rock beats in “More Than Lust.” It’s a great way to introduce Paradise Fears’ sound to new fans. The song hooks the listener in when it gets to the chorus. Then the album transitions into the catchy guitar riffs in “Violet.” Throughout the album, Paradise Fears portrays their versatile talents in each song. Each member’s contribution to the album, whether it’s the guitar power chords played by Jordan Merrigan and Cole Andre or the hard hitting beats of the drums by Lucas Zimmerman, makes Yours Truly an album that a lot of new up and coming bands should look into.

Paradise Fears ends the album with the song Yours Truly. Michael Walker starts the song off with a small piano riff and then proceeds to go into chords while Sam Miller sings. Then Lucas Zimmerman comes in with the snare and it is like a great marriage. It’s beautiful in and of itself. The song escalades with Jordan Merrigan, Cole Andre, and Marcus Sand coming in. Although “Yours Truly” shows Paradise Fears’ diverse sound, it doesn’t display Sam Miller’s vocality. There is one song that is weaker than the rest of the songs and that is “I Tried.” The song starts off with a beat that can be reminiscent of Postal Service, which isn’t a bad thing. But when the chorus kicks in, the repetitive lyrics can get a bit boring. Although “I Tried” isn’t a great song, there are ten other songs on the album that are amazing to listen to.

The song “Advice” would have to be one of the better songs out of the entire album. It has a foot tapping vibe throughout the whole song. “Advice” depicts the struggle for the want of love and how it is often difficult to find it or maintain it. Despite it’s lyrical content, the song has very defined riffs and a catchy melody. Yours Truly can potentially put Paradise Fears on the map in the music industry.

Yours Truly is a go to album whether you’re on a summer road trip or just relaxing at your house.

Make sure to grab Yours Truly at on June 14!


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