With a band name like Fun., you sure are going to have one of the best times of your life when you see these guys live. The guys of Fun. stepped on The House of Blues stage in Las Vegas to give an incredible show.

Hailing from New York, this trio gave an amazing performance that everyone enjoyed. Fun. consists of Nate Ruess (Vocals), Jack Antonoff (Guitar), and Andrew Dost (Keys, Vocals). They also took along some friends to help with their set: Will Noon (Drums), Nate Harold (Bass), and Emily Moore (Guitar, Vocals, Keys). The guys of Fun. have a great chemistry on stage and with the crowd. Their infectious attitude left the crowd with many smiles.

Nate Ruess is not afraid to interact with the crowd. He had them clapping their hands and singing/shouting some of their songs. Not only did he have a charismatic presence, Nate also was very energetic. He would be on one end of the stage one minute, then the next moment he’s on the other side. On the left of Ruess was Andrew Dost. Dost was on keys and wasn’t as mobile as Nate, but he gave an outstanding performance. Jack Antonoff was on guitar and he had moments where he shined. The crowd loved his energy and the chemistry between all the band members.

Fun’s set consisted of songs from their album Aim and Ignite. It was filled with many profound beats and catchy melodies. Their sound is very different from their label mates’ music. But their uniqueness works well for them and the crowd loved every single second of their set. The band started out with “At Least I’m Not Sad (As I Used To Be).” The harmony between Nate Ruess and Emily Moore was outstanding. The crowd went wild when Fun played “All The Pretty Girls.” Every person in the crowd was either jumping up and down or singing the words out loud. They ended their set with “Take Your Time (Coming Home).” It was a perfect way to end their set.

Fun. has definitely set the mood for the crowd. They’re a band to lookout for in the next couple years.

Go check them out:

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