Go Radio

Go Radio has had many trials and tribulations. But the band, now on the full tour of Vans Warped Tour, has had many successes. I met up with Matt Poulos of Go Radio to talk about their experience and thoughts on being on the full Warped Tour.

How are you guys braving the heat? It’s hot. I’m not gonna lie. But we’re from Florida so it’s not as bad as it could be if you’re from the northeast. But it wears on your day; makes you more tired and testy but it’s good. We’ll make it through, we’ll triumph.

This is the first time Go Radio is on the full Warped Tour. How is that for you guys? Fantastic! We’re all excited to be on it. There’s a lot of great bands and a lot of kids coming out. So far it’s been a great response especially since we’re far from home. So it’s good, it’s a success.

Any expectations for the tour? Just a lot of love, a lot of kids, and a lot of people watching the bands. Hopefully we come out with more fans than we came in with. For the fans that we already have, I hope they’re happy to see us on this tour.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music? We write about the stuff that matters to us, so we hope that the people who listen to it get into it. This last record has a lot of messages like hope, endurance, and carrying on. It also has an uplifting vibe. Hopefully people who hear our record will hear what we’re trying to say.

Do you have a signature move on stage? Just be awesome. (Ed. note: use this with caution because Matt trademarked it)

You guys are currently signed with Fearless Records. How has that journey been? We were a band on our own for awhile and we were looking for the right match. Fearless was very interesting to us because they have the same goals that we have. They’re very band oriented and they support us a lot. It’s a great marriage between us and Fearless because they work really hard and we’re a hard working band. So, it works out really well.

Favorite pair of shoes? I have these black cowboy boots that hurt my feet really bad, but I love them.

Go Radio’s set at Warped Tour was very energetic and everyone in the crowd loved every second of it. They played songs off of their newest album Lucky Street. Make sure to check them out on the full Vans Warped Tour

Go check them out: www.wearegoradio.com

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