There For Tomorrow

I met up with Maika Maile of There For Tomorrow during the Vans Warped Tour. Here is an interview with Maika about the future of There For Tomorrow and what nots.

How are you guys battling the heat? We’re doing fairly well. We’re getting used to it especially here because it’s dry. I have this morning routine of picking dirt boogers and trying to clear out the sinuses.

It’s only been a few days since this tour has started. Has there been any pranks pulled on anyone? We’re not so fond of pranks because we’re firm believers of Karma. Usually we’ll pull our pranks on the last day, so no one would get us back.

You guys have a new album out. What do you hope to accomplish with this album? What this new album has done is helped us narrow down the road of where we’re gonna go in the future with our music and who we are artistically. We started to hone in on our sound. It’s something that could be lasting. It’s very hard to be out here and be doing different things and not let it phase you. There are so many gimmicks and fame moves that people are trying to do to get big. All we want to do is stay honest and play music that we feel passionate about. This record will open up a whole new road for us.

How is The Verge different from A Little Faster? We’ve grown. It was two years since we put our first record out. So that first record was a lot of songs we were working and writing on since we were 16, 17. By the time we released the record, we were 19, 20. [A Little Faster] was a big compilation of different songs we wrote over the span of 5 years as opposed to the best record we wrote in a week. You can tell [The Verge] sounds like an album that meshes well. That’s what we hope to create with every release we do; make a journey, make a musical escapade. Not just a bunch of songs that sound like hit songs.

Who are your musical influences? Rebecca Black. Neil Diamond. We listen to everything. But mostly timeless classics. All the rock icons. I grew up with Bob Marley, Metallica, Hanson. We listen to the craziest things. We came from a time, where in Orlando, there was a very awesome music scene. We got into pop punk, hardcore, and some bar bands. We try to carry out the legacy from Orlando.

Three words to describe your music. Red, Black, White. We chose red on this album to portray something visually. Red means what the album sonically produces. Red is this fiery, passionate color. A lot of the record is passion driven and there’s a lot of vulnerability. Black and white resembles the timelessness that we try to create with our music. We took a 35mm film camera and took pictures for our album. We try to capture the moment that could stand forever.

Favorite pair of shoes? I have these shoes from Japan. I call them my Gaga boots because they’re super glamorous and stupid. I love them but I look like a fool when I wear them. I wouldn’t wear them onstage because I’ll probably collapse and die.

There For Tomorrow’s set at this year’s Warped Tour is filled with many high spirits. They put a lot of effort into their performance and the crowd has a very positive attitude towards it. Make sure to catch them on Warped Tour. Also grab their new album The Verge.

Check them out:

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