Culprit: Analogue EP Review

If you’re looking for an indie rock sound, Culprit has it going on. Recently, Culprit put out an EP called Analogue and it sure is going to leave you wanting more.

Culprit’s new EP has a very distinct tone and theme that most people can’t miss. It captures the essence of indie rock. To start the EP off, you hear the eerie introduction of “Siren.” It entices you to the song and the sound calls attention to it. With the indie rock beats mixed with Travis Powell’s powerful vocals, “Siren” is a great way to introduce Culprit’s sound to any type of audience.

When “Siren” ends, there is a nice transition to the next song “Strangers.” Jack Michalkis, on drums, gives the album fluidity and not many bands can achieve this in their transitions on albums. Along with drums, the bass, played by Zach Blumenfeld, gives “Strangers” an added edge to the sound. It’s a fantastic combination that shows Culprit’s innovation of rhythms.

Culprit ends Analogue with “Curves.” It starts off with a guitar riff from Mayauel Garavito. The riff strengthens the song’s raw and authentic lyrics of letting go. The hard hitting beats and the strong, emotional voice given by Powell makes “Curves” one of the better songs on the EP. The strongest songs out of Analogue would have to be “Decimals & Fractions.” It displays Powell’s vocality, which can range from grunge to a falsetto. It’s unique. When the pre-chorus kicks in, the clapping in the background gives the song a playful yet dynamic tone. “Decimals & Fractions” ends with a fade away of the intro and that just ties the song all together like a great present.

Analogue can sound different from Culprit’s previous EPs as far as sound, but it showcases each member’s talent and hard work. Make sure to grab it!

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