Page 9

When you think of Texas, cowboys and horses come to mind. But the members of Page 9 is far from being country. They’re more on the spectrum of punk and indie rock. I met up with Page 9 at a laid back Red Robins restaurant to talk about their current tour and Star Wars.

The tour has been only a week in. How is it so far? Josh: It’s been going really great so far. It’s been one of the better ones.

So the fans have been receptive? Josh: Yeah, the fans have been great. It’s cool because we started touring about two years ago and we were playing to one or two kids a night. But this has been awesome.

Who are your musical influences? Josh: That’s a loaded question for us. Only for the fact that, the way we feel about it I think, a lot of fans and bands use other influences in what genre of music they’re under. We’re actually influenced by a ton of bands that we don’t necessarily sound like. So, one of the bigger genres for us is that we’re really into a lot of mainstream rock and roll. We grew up in different times compared to other pop rock bands in the scene with us. While we do love Blink 182, me, Kelsey, and Lindan are really into Red Hot Chili Peppers. A lot of older hard rock bands is kind of a backbone which gives us a different style.

Speaking about musical influences, do you have a favorite band? Josh: Honestly, if I had to choose, I would go by the band I have been listening to the longest. I’d have to say Boyz II Men. Lindan: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Jeremy: I’m gonna have to go with Blink 182. Kelsey: I would have to say Led Zepplin. Nate: Foo Fighters.

It seems like you guys get a lot of inspiration for your songs from everything. One of them being Sci-fi. So, who is the best Star Wars character? Josh: I would say Ackbar. Lindan: Han is my man. He was my hero growing up. Lando is up there for me as well.

Do you guys plan on going into the studio later this year? Josh: We actually have just finished up some tracks. We release three singles over the course of the year. The music landscape changes so much that everyone is doing EPs. We want to do something different and give something back to our fans. When we do an album cycle or even an EP cycle, you release that and then take six months off. Well, we wanted to keep stuff going for our fans for a good remainder of the year. We recorded three really strong songs and probably demoed about ten different songs and came out with the three that we like the best.

If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be? Kelsey: I think it would be more like alternative pop. Josh: The phrase that we’ve been using is “Pop and Roll.”

Favorite pair of shoes? Josh: My Converse for sure. Jeremy: Macbeth or flip flops. Lindan: Apparently I’m wearing some Vans. Kelsey: I’ve been wearing some Vans lately. Nate: Definitely Vans and/or TOMS.

These guys are full of talent and laughs. Once the interview was over, they weren’t afraid to play one of their songs “Left Behind” acoustically in the parking lot. Their sound has a catchy melody with a twist.

Make sure to check them out:


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