Some bands run into obstacles when it comes to arriving at a show. The guys from Culprit fought off a sand and lightning storm to get to the Vegas venue on August 27 to play an electric show. I met up with Travis Powell (Vocals/guitar), Zach Blumenfeld (Bass/vocals), and Jason Michalski (drums) to talk about the release of their current EP Analogue and what not.

How has the mini tour been so far? Travis: It’s been good. We haven’t spent too much money which is a good thing. The show last night in Fresno was really good. We sold some CDs, got new online followers.

Who has the weirdest morning routine on the road? Travis: It’s probably me because I don’t sleep as well as these two guys.

Zach: We’ll be sleeping and just kinda wake up to him walking around. We stayed at a hotel last night and you (Travis) were up till six in the morning.

Travis: I take like naps; I can’t stay asleep for too long for some reason. It’s really annoying.

You guys just released an EP in April. How has the reaction been? Zach: Really good. It’s been great. We’ve had a few online sources do reviews and pretty much had a universal positive feedback. Each review we’ve gotten has been great.

How is Analogue different from your previous EPs? Travis: In every way possible.

Zach: A lot of time went by in between the writing from the first one that we put out. A lot of change went through the band. I think Analogue displays another whole dimension of demand.

Travis: We’re a whole lot older now. So we’ve definitely matured a lot and we’re finally writing music not to confine to a genre. We’re just writing music that we like and something that I want to hear.

What do you guys hope to accomplish with your music? Zach: We all just want to be able to continue what we’re doing with enough support.

Travis: We love being on the road. It’s definitely expensive to do. As long as we can be comfortable and continue to tour.

Jason: We just need to pay gas.

Describe Culprit in three words: Jason: Devious

Zach: Wacky

Travis: Accident-prone

Favorite pair of shoes? Jason: My current shoes. My Vans gliders. They’re like surf gliders.

Zach: My Rainbows

Travis: It would probably be these boat shoes I got from Urban Outfitters.

This quartet from Los Angeles, California gave a superb performance. Their eclectic and powerful sound made up for the lack of the audience. The set started off with an intro that was eerie and enticing which transitioned into songs mostly from their recent EP release Analogue. Each member gave a performance that was delightful yet surprising, whether it ranged from Travis Powell’s quirky comments to Zach Blumenfeld’s lively performance.

Make sure to check them out:

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