The Greater Heights

When it comes to enthusiasm and crazy antics, the guys from The Greater Heights are full of these characteristics. Their set and interview was far from lackluster. I met up with Chase Johnson (Vocals), Maxwell Hobbs (Guitar), and Topher Vallez (Guitar) to talk about what’s next for The Greater Heights in the coming months.

How is the mini tour so far? Topher: It’s going good! Well, technically this is the first show we play because the Fresno show got dropped, unfortunately.

You guys have followed some tours like Warped Tour. Do you plan on having a full tour? Chase: We’re suppose to record our new CD like December. Once we get that recorded, we’ll be touring.

On the road, who has the weirdest morning routine? Chase: It would have to be between me and Chris.

Max: Usually they’re not there in the morning. Chase was missing this morning.

You guys get a lot of inspiration from different places, like Vegas. But, what’s your main inspiration for most of your songs? Chase: Main inspiration…change and doing new things with your life. I moved from Chicago to [San Diego], so the CD is a lot about change.

Topher: Just pursuing your dreams and doing what it takes and having fun. I don’t want to work a 9-5 job. This is what we want to do for a living, so we’re going to put whatever we can into this.

Since you guys are going into the studio, who will be producing the album? Chase: We have two producers: Tom Denney (A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, and We Are The In Crowd) and Eric Ron (Culprit).

Topher: I was looking at [Eric’s] list and he’s done a lot of good stuff.

What do you guys hope to accomplish with your music? Chase: Playing to a thousand people, at least every night.

Topher: Like I said earlier, doing what we love.

Maxwell: It’d be awesome if we could quit our day jobs and do this as a living. If we could do that, I’m happy 100%.

Favorite pair of shoes? Maxwell: Brown oxford dress shoes

Chase: I wear Steve Madden shoes.

Topher: The only pair of shoes I own: Black Converse.

The Greater Heights is a young band that has grown quickly in the music scene. Their energetic and upbeat vibe they bring to the stage makes the fans want to go crazy as well. The Greater Heights played songs off of their EP Streets of the Better Life and ending their set with “West Coast and Personal.” Although the start of their set was a little rocky, they managed to pull it together and give the crowd a lively show. Each member puts all their effort into their performances and it is well received.

Make sure to check them out:

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