We Came As Romans

No one would expect that a group of young musicians would be able to pack the Hard Rock Cafe for an incredible show. But the guys of We Came As Romans did and not only did they give an incredible show, they made it a memorable one as well.

Coming from Detroit, Michigan, this six piece pop-core has had a rapid rise in the music industry and they deserve every bit of it. We Came As Roman consists of Dave Stephens (Vocals), Kyle Pavone (Vocals), Joshua Moore (Guitar), Brian Cotton (Guitar), Andy Glass (Bass), and Eric Choi (Drums). Every member brings in their unique and sometimes quirky character into We Came As Romans’ music and with their talents, they’ve created a big following.

On stage, the guys of WCAR demanded attention. Right when they got on stage, the crowd immediately went wild. Dave Stephens came out screaming out the lyrics to “What I Wished I Never Had.” It was then followed by the intriguing voice of Kyle Pavone. During the whole set, Pavone interacted with the crowd, whether it was holding the mic towards the audience or asking them to jump. Alongside Pavone, Dave Stephens would interchange vocals and do vox of each song. It was a great mix between Stephen and Pavone. To the left of Dave Stephen, was Andy Glass. Glass’ had a calm and collected presence, but when he had found moments to interact with the crowd, he never fell short of giving an energetic performance. With Glass, Cotton joined along with “Woahs” and “Yeahs” sung to the crowd. On the opposite stage was Joshua Moore on lead guitar. He, too, was a little reserved but still gave a phenomenal performance. Towards the back of the stage, Eric Choi was on drums and gave everything he’s got. The fans received his enthusiasm well.

We Came As Romans’ set was filled with songs from their newest album Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be. When the intro to “Broken Statues” began, the crowd was more than excited to hear it. During every song, the crowd as well as the guys of WCAR made the Las Vegas performance a memorable one. They ended the set with an encore of “To Plant A Seed.” Towards the end of the song, the crowd gathered with hands held high around Pavone to sing the last lyrics of the song. All in all, it was a great show.

We Came As Romans may be a group of young musicians, but by watching them live, it looks like they’ve been doing this forever and performing well.

Make sure to check them out: www.wecameasromans.com

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