I Am The Avalanche

Underground punk is the phrase that I would use to describe I Am The Avalanche. The boys from I Am The Avalanche put on a show like no other despite the small crowd. Coming all the way from Brooklyn, NY, I Am The Avalanche stepped foot onto the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas to give their fans one heck of a show.

I Am The Avalanche is a quintet punk rock group that consists of Vinne Caruana (Vocals), Brandon Swanson (Guitar), Michael Ireland (Guitar), Brett “The Ratt” Romnes (Drums), and Kellen Robson (Bass). These five guys put a lot of energy into their shows to ensure that their fans are having a great time.

When the guys of I Am The Avalanche stepped on stage, the crowd was already in the mood for their energetic and lively presence. Slowly, each member came out on stage until Caruana was the last one to be on stage and started to sing the lyrics from “Brooklyn Dodgers.” The intensity on Caruana’s face made his performance far from lackluster. During the whole show, he would pace from one side of the stage to the other to interact with the crowd while singing. Swanson was on the left hand stage and, he too, gave an incredible performance. Along with Swanson, Ireland was on the guitar. His performance was more than colorful and perfect. Robson paced from one end of the stage to the other like Caruana. He joined Caruana with the intensity and passion in the show. Brett “The Ratt” Romnes was on drums and did an impeccable job.

I Am The Avalanche’s set consisted of songs off of their newly released album Avalanche United. They started off with “Brooklyn Dodgers” and transitions into “New Disaster.” The crowd had just been warming up to the sound of I Am The Avalanche, but when the guys started the third song, the audience went crazy! Their setlist was filled with songs that were jam packed with hard hitting beats and fast paced guitar riffs. When mixed with Caruana’s raspy yet strong vocals, the crowd got to experience what punk music is all about. They ended their set with “I Took A Beating.” Caruana asked for a pit in the crowd and he sure got one.

These guys put a lot of effort and energy into their set and the crowd received it well. I Am The Avalanche brings back what punk rock used to be in a generation that has been exposed to auto-tuned voices. The energy in that venue was electrifying and the guys of I Am the Avalanche are the ones to thank for it.

Check them out: www.avalancheunited.com

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