Marianas Trench

Canada has produced a lot of great artists. Some include Celine Dion, Simple Plan, and now the guys of Marianas Trench. For the first time, Marianas Trench stepped onto the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas, NV and gave a performance that was packed with laughs and high energy.

Marianas Trench is made up of Josh Ramsay (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Ayley (Bass), Matt Webb (Guitar), and Ian Casselman (Drums). Hailing from Vancouver, BC, these guys entered into the Las Vegas music scene with a passion and drive for their music that left their fans were astonished and proud.

One by one, each member of Marianas Trench walked on stage to meet the Las Vegas crowd. Although they were an opening band, many people in the crowd were familiar with their music. Josh Ramsay greets the crowd with a “Hey Vegas!” Then the band transitions into “Celebrity Status.” Josh Ramsay had an electrifying presence on stage which can be said about his blue hair as well. He puts every effort and emotion into his performance, whether he’s just on vocals or playing the guitar. Ramsay would often head over to Matt Webba and join him in some vocals or antics on stage. Webb, also on guitar, had a lively performance. The crowd loved his energy and feed off of it. Stage right was bassist Mike Ayley. He and Ramsay had perfect harmony. Along with his harmony are his funny faces towards the crowd. It was very entertaining and the audience loved every second of it. Ian Casselman was on drums and did a fantastic job.

Their setlist consisted of songs off of their album sophomore album Masterpiece Theater and their upcoming album, Ever After. The guys started off with one of their hit songs “Celebrity Status.” The crowd new every word and was more than ecstatic to have them start off the show with it. They then started the first few notes of “All to Myself.” The reaction from the crowd was more than exuberant. They jumped and sang along to the song. The pop rock beats mixed with their charismatic presence made their performance all worth while.

Marianas Trench has a clean look on stage but a personality that is sure to make you laugh and go crazy (in a good way). These four guys started off the show great and they have gained many new fans in Las Vegas and around their neighboring country.

Check them out:

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