Mayday Parade

After six years in the industry, Mayday Parade is still going strong. The guys from Tallahassee, FL weren’t new to the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas. One can say that they are practically locals when it comes to performing for Las Vegas. Although it wasn’t their first time playing for the Vegas crowds, they did nothing less of disappointing the crowd.

Mayday Parade is made up of five guys (minus the fries): Derek Sanders (Vocals), Jeremy “Cabbage” Lenzo (Bass), Alex Garcia (Guitar, Vocals), Brooks Betts (Guitar), and Jake Bundrick (Drums). This band has come a long way since their Warped Tour days and they’ve come back stronger and more energetic than ever.

The lights dimmed before the guys of Mayday Parade were to step on stage and face the Las Vegas crowd. Their intro was some sort of speech. Once it was done, Derek Sanders stands center stage and starts to sing the lyrics of “Oh Well, Oh Well.” Slowly, the guys of Mayday Parade started to show up on stage and play the instrumentals for “Oh Well, Oh Well.” Sanders sang with fervor and grace. Throughout the show, he often had his moments of rocking out and making the crowd sing along to the words.

Alex Garcia was on stage right and playing the guitar was like second nature to him. Brooks Betts was also on guitar and was very charismatic. He would interact with the crowd, singing/shouting the words along with the crowd. Moving around stage with Betts was Jeremy Lenzo. He made the crowd laugh with his the funny faces he made. Jake Bundrick was on drums and he had as much passion for his music as any member of the band did. His harmony with Sanders was perfect. The drums solo that he had towards the end of the show was exciting and unforgettable.

Mayday Parade’s set consisted of songs off of their new self title album and A Lesson In Romantics. It was very surprising that they didn’t play a lot of songs off of Anywhere But Here. Although most of their songs didn’t involve their sophomore album, the setlist was nearly perfect. When the crew brought out the Yamaha keyboard, the crowd new what was to come. Sanders proceeded to talk to the crowd about his new born daughter, like a proud father, while playing the intro to “Miserable At Best.” The fans sang along and across the crowd, you can see a sea of cameras with the red light on, recording the ballad.

Nearing towards the end of the show, the crowd asked for an encore and they got one. Sanders couldn’t thank the Vegas crowd enough. Garcia started of with the first notes of “Three Cheers For Five Years” and the audience went wild. When the song ended, they transitioned into “One Man Drinking Games.” No one would’ve guessed they would end their show with this song. But it was and ode to their older sound and showed their fans that they are still Mayday Parade despite their big label.

Mayday Parade never disappoints when it comes to live shows. They put all their effort into the Vegas show and it made it worthwhile.

Check them out:

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