You’d never expect Hans Zimmer enthusiasts to playing for a small crowd at The Box Office in Las Vegas, NV. But the guys of Culprit entered the Las Vegas music scene with enthusiasm and passion for their music.

Culprit is a four piece indie rock group hailing from Fullerton, CA. It is made up of Travis Powell (Vocals, Guitar), Zach Blumenfeld (Bass, Vocals), Brian Fulda (Guitar), and Jason Michalski (Drums).

These guys always look like they’re having fun on stage. Travis Powell was center stage and had such powerful vocals. Despite the lack of audience, Powell was never afraid to interact with the crowd. He even mentioned some of his favorite games to play on stage like “Drink Water.” To the left of Powell was Brian Fulda. He had such great enthusiasm for their set and the crowd received his energy well. Zack Blumenfeld was on bass and was a little more reserved on stage. But there were moments where he rocked out and made his performance worthwhile. Throughout the set, Blumenfeld would join Jason Michalski at the back of the stage. Michalski gave a superb performance and shows as much passion and care for the music he helps produce.

Culprit’s set consisted of songs off of their latest EP Analogue. They started out with an homage to Hans Zimmer. Not many bands can appreciate the musical minds movie composers. Once Culprit’s intro ended, they transitioned to songs off of their Analogue EP. When the chorus to “Strangers” started, the whole band just let go and gave became more in tune with their performance. The guys of Culprit have such a great chemistry on stage, it’s amazing to see them work together throughout their performance. They ended their set with “Siren.” A few people in the crowd knew the words and mouthed it out.

Culprit’s set was filled with many laughs, eerie yet delightful songs, and some wit. These guys are sure to impress you when you see them live.

Check them out:

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