The Paper Melody

I sat down with Jill Sullivan of The Paper Melody during their current tour called MEB Tour with Culprit and Happy Body Slow Brain to talk about their recent album and some pranks pulled while on the road.

Introduce yourself and what do you do in the band? My name is Jill and I play bass in the band The Paper Melody.

Who has the weirdest morning routine on the road? Weirdest morning routine… it’s probably me because I take the longest to get ready in the morning. Hmm, I don’t know because no one really does anything weird in the morning.

The tour is coming to a close, how has it been so far? It’s been great. It’s been unbelievable. The friends we’ve made and the bands we’ve played with have been such an inspiration. I don’t want it to end.

Tell me a little bit about your current album The Nightmare Academy. Concept wise and how the recording process was. It’s about, for me essentially, dreams and nightmares. You kind of get to decide everything. Kind of like your life, where you get to decide whether you’re going to take something positively. That’s what I do personally. It’s also about going into the different phases of your life and coming out of it in a good way.

The recording process was funny because we started writing the record before we even thought what we were really going to record. We got hit up by Blake Carnage a month before and said, “I have some downtime from tour and wanted to produce some bands. I really liked your band when we played, can I record you guys?” We said “Yes you can!” So a week later, we packed the car and drove all the way across the country and recorded with Blake. It was great!

Where do you mostly get your inspiration from, music wise? Some of my favorite bands are Thursday, The Receiving Ends of Sirens, and Muse as far as bass lines goes. The Beatles have always been a huge influence on me since I started playing music and being on tour.

Have there been any end of the tour pranks? We have this game we play with our keys. It’s if you don’t have your keys on you when you get out of the van. There’s a secret word [you have to say]. If you don’t call that secret word and someone realizes that you don’t have your keys, then you have to do something hilarious. Probably the funniest one was when Dan had to take off his shoes and jump over this hurdle that was in front of this gas station and had to nay like a horse. Everyone saw him run, jump, and nay.

Did you guys record it? No… We should have. I really wish we did because it was great!

Describe The Paper Melody in three words: Energetic, theatrical, and eerie.

Favorite pair of shoes: These shoes! [Black combat boots] I think I’ve worn them throughout the tour and I don’t even know what kind of shoes they are. [Jill read the printing on the inside of her shoe] They are 6 1/2 all man made material from Target. That’s all I know. TOMS are also great.

The Paper Melody is made up of Jill Sullivan (Bass, Vocals), Anthony Reeder (Guitar, Vocals), and Dan Vallier (Vocals, Guitar). This alternative/progressive rock group comes all the way from Yuba City, CA and gave the Las Vegas audience a great performance. Most of their songs came off of their album The Nightmare Academy like their single “The Nightmare Academy.” Sullivan and Vallier both have a great combination when it comes to vocals. There’s a delicate balance between Vallier’s and Sullivan’s voice. Neither one overtakes the other. The guitar riffs played by Reeder gives their sound a raw indie vibe.

The Paper Melody is a mix between the styles of Panic! At The Disco and the sounds of Thursday. This trio gave a performance that was filled with energy and a little bit of banter between the crowd and themselves.

Check them out:

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