Summit Grove: What You’re Fighting For EP

There are a lot of pop rock bands that have emerged into the music industry lately. But there is one band that have given themselves a distinct sound. Their ability to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd makes them marketable not only to teenage girls, but all ages across the board.

These three guys from Henderson, NV have released an EP called What You’re Fighting For. It starts off with an introduction that is trance like. Once the introduction has passed, Jason Carter’s vocals comes in and it sounds a bit more edited compared to just his voice, but it actually works for the song. When the second line is sung, Vincent and Jason’s harmony is just spot on. Throughout the whole song, you can actually hear the the guitar strums which is refreshing. Most bands won’t use an acoustic setting on the guitar for an upbeat song. “Where You Want Me” is a great way to start off the vibe on Summit Grove’s What You’re Fighting For EP.

The album then transitions to an upbeat 1…2…3 and a catchy introduction of “Catch Me If You Can”. Throughout the song, there is an easy to follow beat that the lyrics and melody go well with. Carter’s voice is highly displayed in this song. Dominic Rennie, on drums, does a great job in creating new beats and the use of a synthesizer for each song that they produced. The song “Red Rover” is reminiscent of the repetitive yet catchy rhythm of The Naked And Famous’ “All Of This”. Like their first song on the EP, you can hear the guitar strums and it’s still quite refreshing to hear those sounds. “Red Rover” is one of the strongest songs off of the EP, whether it’s because of the hopeful romantic lyrics or the sound that makes you want to tap your feet.

Summit Grove have also decided to re-record one of their songs from their previous EP called “All or Nothing.” There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to sound but they did tweak things on the introduction, the gang vocals, and added a little bit more of audio editing compared to the previous version. All these changes have made it a solid song. This song also highlights Vincent’s guitar skills and innovation with creating riffs. They end the EP with a love filled lyric song called “Waiting On One Knee.” Although it doesn’t involve a lot of the intricate sounds of a full set drum or a synth, it still works with the whole EP. Jason Carter’s voice sounds sincere and you can still hear little snippets of Vincent’s voice throughout the song.

In What You’re Fighting For, Summit Grove have showcased their talents very well and represented what they truly believe in. What You’re Fighting For will make you want to bob your head to the rhythm and sing along. Summit Grove have found their sound and they are sure to do great things with their music and talent this coming year.

Check them out:

(Photo taken by Steven Johnson)


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