Being musicians in a tough industry for years can make one jaded. On the other hand, being in a band for only six months can give a musician a new perspective on working with the industry as well with new musicians. The guys of Currents have faced both and are still determined to make great music for those who are willing to listen. I met up with John and Mike to talk about their recent EP and many more.

Introduce yourself and what do you do in the band. Mike: My name is Mike and I play drums. John: I’m John and I play guitar and sing.

The tour is coming to a close, how has it been so far? John: I hate these assholes (looking at Nick from Heart To Heart). I can’t wait to be done.

Mike: I was going to play the nice card. We’ve been out since the 2nd and so I understand. It’s been a long journey.

John: It’s been a lot of fun actually. More fun than what I expected to have with the other bands on tour. We didn’t know any of the guys, so it’s always kind of interesting when you meet the guys you tour with. It’s always good that you can actually have something in common and hang out with them. Even though The Sheds are straight-edge, they’re pretty fun. So far it’s been fun and everyone on tour has been awesome.

Anything crazy has happened during the tour? John: In Portland, a chick pulled down her pants and peed right in front of the venue. She wasn’t even homeless. She was waiting for the bus and just said, “I really gotta pee.”

You guys just released an EP, how has the reaction been? Mike: It’s been great actually, surprisingly. It’s scary every time you put out new music, you never know how fans are going to receive it.

John: We’ve had a good fan response not so much industry response. We’re still doing what we do and write the music that we love to write. No matter what industry people will say. We hear that we would’ve been a perfect band 3-5 years ago. So, that’s the thing that we face. But overall, fan response has been really great with the EP.

Can you describe the whole thought process that went into the EP? John: Some of the songs were songs that I have already written. We came together and we basically kind of threw the songs really quickly. Even though we put a lot of work into it, all the songs just kind of came together really quick. It was almost like an effortless process. It felt like it was meant to be.

Mike: “L Is For Lush” is the first one that we recorded and came out with together. After “L Is For Lush,” it just kind of took off from there which is kind of cool. It’s part of being with professionals and being with musicians you actually click with.

John: [For] only being a band for less than 6 months. For the 6 months that we have been together, we’ve been able to do quite a bit. I think our chemistry together really shows too.

Did you or the band make any New Year’s resolutions? John: To be less scummy (A sudden burst of laughs filled the air from everyone). I should’ve, but I really didn’t. We got on tour on the 2nd and you don’t really want to make any New Year’s resolutions before you go on the road. You never know what to expect.

Mike: I would say to make a lot more money, but touring doesn’t make you too much money.

John: Maybe workout and eat better, but that doesn’t happen.

Mike: Our tour is going against all our New Year’s resolutions.

John: It’s all going to start after tomorrow (the day after tour).

So If you could make one right now, what would it be? 

Mike: To get laid tonight? That’s a resolution.

John: I don’t know. I would just say to stay focused. I have a lot of stuff going on like school. It’s just a matter of staying focus on writing and doing what we ultimately need to do.

Mike: For me too, it’d be the same. Bettering myself as a musician, getting more exposure, and just seeking a better life. As cheesy as that sounds, we’re all looking for one.

Three words to describe Currents. Mike: Righteous

John: Badass, banged up (that’s two words). I think fun and nostalgic and…

Mike: We can do a negative one. People like controversy. Fun, nostalgic, in the name of the band we toured with: self-centered.

John: We’re not self-centered at all.

If you guys were strippers, what would be your stripper name? John: Easy, Bunny.

Mike: My stripper name… I’m gonna have to go with Toxic. ‘Cause it’s just sexy.

John: Because there was a Toxic at the club that we went to!

Mike: She was sexy as hell!

John: That doesn’t count, Mike. You can’t just go with Toxic.

Mike: Why can’t I?! I’m going to go with that. That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

John: Joe (lead singer of Currents) got a lap dance from her. So you can’t…

What about Poison?

Mike: Oh, Toxic and Poison! My stripper name is Brawny Man. That’s it.

(They then proceeded to try the stripper name formula out) (Nick and Seth of Hearth To Heart jumped in on the name making)

Nick: Mine would be Tony Dale.

John: Mine would be Robert Walnut.

Seth: Mine would be Sally Barrel.

Mike: We’re going to open a brothel. We’re in Vegas, so it’s perfect!

What’s in store for Current this upcoming year? John: That’s a tough one.

Mike: That’s for you to find out and for us to know.

John: It’s more like for the band to find out.

Mike: We’re still not sure.

John: It’s been an upward battle with the industry. Before we dump anymore money and time into our band, try to make sure we don’t spend too much time or effort. We’re still going to be writing and there’s no real plans for the moment. We’re releasing a new song soon.

Mike: Check out the new music, the new music video, and

Currents stepped on The Aruba stage to be encountered with many excited faces. Their set was filled with many songs off of their recent EP such as “L Is For Lush” and “It Just Doesn’t Feel Right.” Joe Sherman tended to move from stage left to stage right. He had the charisma to entertain the crowd. Current’s music is reminiscent of A Loss For Words. There wasn’t a dull moment when it came to Currents’ show. The crowd knew the lyrics to their songs and happily sang along. Each member of Currents puts their own twist to each song, whether it be the catchy riffs by John Alaimo or the innovative yet hard hitting beats by Mike Thomas. They’re sure to put on an energetic show.

Check them out:

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