Heart To Heart

Determination and heart are two characteristics that every band who are striving to be successful should have. The guys of Heart To Heart possess these qualities and have stepped onto the Las Vegas music scene and left with a lot more fans than when they came in with. I met up with Nick Zoppo to talk about the future for Heart To Heart and his favorite pair of shoes.

Introduce yourself and what you do in the band. My name is Nick and sing in Heart To Heart.

The tour is almost coming to a close, how has it been so far? It’s been really good so far. We were very fortunate to be able to tour with Currents and The Sheds. We were a little worried before we started [the tour] because we didn’t really know Currents at first. We’re pretty wild at first and we kind of like to spend time as much as possible [with each other]. We know The Sheds. Day 1 was a little shaky with Currents but everyone fits in well together. This tour has gone by so fast because we’ve had so much fun. Even on days when shows were terrible, we made the best of it because we had each other.

You guys have out Deathproof. Can you describe how recording was and the concept behind it? Deathproof is a very important release for us. I’m the only original member left in the band. We had a few members quit and we didn’t know what we were going to do. To be honest, I thought the band would be done and I didn’t know what I would do in my life. So I did what I could and talked John back [into the band]. We were able to get Stuart from another band and he ended up playing for us. We recorded Deathproof with Kyle Black in June. The reason we got the name Deathproof is because of the band almost breaking up and the things I’ve been through in my life. People who have been through what I’ve been through take a wrong turn somewhere and I was able to pull from that and that’s how Deathproof was named.

Did you or the band make any New Year’s resolutions? I did. Mine was to quit smoking cigarettes. It hasn’t been so good. I’ve been stressed out lately. I just really need to take better care of myself.

In three words describe Heart To Heart. I’d have to say “Real life music.” Only because we’re not one of those fake bands who sings about whatever and writes lyrics down. We actually write songs that are really deep. It actually goes back to our name, Heart To Heart, we write about stuff that relates to people. We’re just a real band. We sing about real events that we go through, such as depression, having friends addicted to drugs, or people’s relationships that we know.

What can fans expect when they see you live or hear your music? They can expect an in-your-face type show. We like to include everybody. We like to say, “We don’t have fans, we make friends.” We’re all real down to earth, we’re just regular dudes just jamming in a garage. It’s crazy to see the band growing and we want [the audience] to have the best time possible like we did back when we were kids.

Favorite pair of shoes? I’m a Nike guy all the way. I’m gonna have to go with my Nike Air Max. I’m actually kind of a girl. Every time I get paid, I go get a new pair of shoes. I had a buddy that worked at Champs and he used to give me his discount. But he moved and now I have to pay full price.

If you were a stripper, what would be your stripper name? Probably Big and Tasty.

What’s in store for Heart To Heart this year? This year, we’re releasing a full length, which is actually all of us, even from other bands. It’s all going to be our first full length together. We’re really excited about it and we’ll be recording with Kyle Black and releasing it under Anchor Eighty Four Records. We have plans to do a full US tour finally. We’ve talked to doing that with Last Call.

An “In-your-face” type of show was expected from Heart To Heart and they didn’t fall short of it. Heart To Heart’s set consisted of songs off of their album Deathproof. The entire show was full of banter between them and the crowd. Aside from jokes and playful interaction with the crowd, the guys of Heart To Heart put every effort into their set and it was well received.

Check them out: www.hearttoheartca.com

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