The Sheds

You don’t see a lot of young adults trekking the West Coast pursuing what they love, and that is playing music to those who matter. The guys from The Sheds are doing just that and loving every second of it. I met up with Mac Miller to talk about their plans on recording a new album and going out of the country to play shows.

Introduce yourself and what do you do in the band? I’m Mac and I sing for The Sheds.

The tour is coming to a close, how has it been so far? It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been really interesting with Heart to Heart, who we’ve been friends with for a long time. But the difference between knowing people from a few shows to spending every day with them, you get a lot closer with them. You kind of learn much more closely [and] in-depth about everyone’s personalities. But it has been a lot of fun.

How have fans reacted to the tour? This tour has [had] the best reaction we’ve every had compared to shows with just us. We just did a tour with Set Your Goals a month ago and for a lot of the shows that were in similar places we had a lot of people come out for the show. We [also] put out a new CD. So with that, we’ve had a lot more people knowing the new songs and singing along to it. It’s made every night more fun because you play to people who care.

You have a song called “Heart” where Joe and Tim from Transit worked on with you guys. How was the recording and concept process like? That worked out strictly because there was a part of the song where we thought we could have a guest vocal and we’ve known Transit a couple years now. We were playing with them one night while we were in the middle of recording and so it just worked out for them to come over to the studio and record. It’s kind of worked out that way.

What can fans expect when they see you live or listen to your music? Depending on what type of music they listen to, whether it be hardcore, pop punk, punk in general, they’ll probably be rather confused because we try to mash up all these different sounds all together and I don’t see a lot of people doing that right now. So, you might be listening to a reggae or ska song and moving around like a hardcore band. We just like to play what we want to hear. They can expect some action.

Three words to describe The Sheds. Morgan: Punk as fuck. (a laughter from all band members filled the room).

Did you make any resolutions? It could be personally or as a band. For the band, this year, we would like to play outside of the US. If we can, move around in North America and we definitely want to play Canada. We just wanna get out of the US. We have to finish a full US tour first. Personally, I’d like to write a lot more and stay in shape versus get in shape.

Favorite pair of shoes? Vans. I’m pretty sure all of us wear Vans. The simple classic ones and the ones that last awhile.

If you were a stripper, what would be your stripper name? It would probably be Big Mac, Peaches, or Crotch Johnson.

What’s in store for The Sheds this coming year? In the next couple months, we have our official EP coming out on Mediaskare Records and Rite of Passage. We hopefully plan to tour the US a lot. Hopefully towards the end of the year put out a full length album and just tour a lot.

Any final words you want to say? Stay awkward America.

The guys from The Sheds put on a show filled with lots of energy. Their set was filled with songs from their recent EP Self/Doubt. Throughout the show, the crowd was either lip-syncing or screaming the words to their songs. They even opened up a pit for many of the show goers to run around. As young as they are, The Sheds are well on their way to becoming well integrated in the industry.

Check them out:

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