Texas In July

East coasters rarely come to Vegas to play the House of Blues stage. The guys of Texas In July were welcomed with open arms by Vegas crowd. Their whole set was exceptional and made an impact on those who attended the show.

Originally from Lancaster, PA, Texas In July took to the Las Vegas stage something that they are passionate about: their music. Texas In July consists of Alex Good (Vocals), Ben Witkowski (Bass), Adam Gray (Drums), Christian Royer (Guitar), and Chris Davis (Guitar).

Before going on stage, the crowd was already excited for Texas In July. Everyone except Alex Good came on stage to start off an intro that was rather eerie. When Good walked on stage, the crowd was going wild. He started the set with greeting the Las Vegas crowd. He incorporates the city’s moniker into their first song “It’s Not My First Rodeo.” The crowd was elated. To the left of Good was Chris Davis on the guitar. He was very energetic when it came to his performance. Whether he was doing some circle head bangs or whipping his hair back and forth, the crowd loved every second of his performance. Ben Witkowski was on the opposite side of the stage and his performance was far from lackluster. He and Royer had syncopated circle kicks/stomps. Witkowski made his performance worthwhile. Adam Gray did a phenomenal job in keeping up with the his bandmate’s energy. His talent didn’t go unnoticed.

Texas In July’s set consisted of songs from both their albums One Reality and I Am. They started off with an intro and transitioned into “It’s Not My First Rodeo.” Once the song ended, the crowd was still going strong and moshing. During their set, Good asked for a circle pit and the crowd delivered. He even got down to the audience level to sing the last few lyrics of “Elements.” Their eager fans quickly crowded Alex Good and sang along to the song. The guys of Texas In July ended their set with “Magnolia.” The audience was ecstatic and they gave it their all to show the band how appreciative they were of Texas In July’s music.

Not many bands can uphold their morals and be in an industry that sometimes lacks them. But the members of Texas In July did just that and have gained a lot of respect from their current fans and some new ones as well. They’ve blended opposite spectrums of the music industry and have done it successfully.

Check them out: https://www.facebook.com/texasinjulyband

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