Portugal. The Man

The lights dimmed and all you hear is the eerie sound of the guitar. Then one by one, silhouettes of the guys from Portugal. The Man slowly emerge. The crowd’s attention suddenly turned to the stage at Silverton The Veil.

Portugal. The Man consists of five indie guys: John Gourley (vocals, guitars, organ), Zach Carothers (bass, vocals), Kyle O’Quin (keyboard, synth), Noah Gersh (guitar, vocals, percussion). These Alaska/Oregon natives brought a vibe that can only be achieved through their charisma and stage presence. They’ve created an indie atmosphere that the audience enjoyed and reveled in.

The whole set was dimly lit which gave off a very relaxed and indie vibe. Zach Carothers started off with the haunting intro of “All Your Light (Times Like These).” His high vocals and enigmatic presence set off the atmosphere for the night. As the song progressed, the rest of the guys of Portugal. The Man emerged behind the dark background and their silhouettes became clearer as each stepped into the spotlight. Each member of Portugal. The Man put in a unique twist in their set. Once “All Your Light (Times Like These)” ended, they transitioned into “Bellies Are Full”. The crowd sang along to every word and hummed every note.

When they played their more well known songs like “Got It All” and “Floating” the crowd’s energy went up a whole notch. As you see over the audience, every mouth was moving and every head was bobbing up and down. When the lights went down and their set ended, the audience demanded an encore. They didn’t give the guys of Portugal. The Man even time to just get a drink of water when getting backstage. Their encore consisted of “So American” and “And I”. On their last song, the guys went all out and danced to their own music. It was very refreshing to see artists very passionate about their music. The set up of the stage was a show in and of itself. The light bulbs strung together set the atmosphere in the room.

These four guys did an incredible job putting a show that many will remember and never forget.

Check them out: http://www.portugaltheman.com/

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