Call Me Anything

Two young guys off to make music for people who want to just have fun and feel like a “Celebrity.” These determined guys are Will Tenney and Matt Mcnulty who make up Call Me Anything. I met up with the guys of Call Me Anything in New York to talk about their recent album Celebrity and some crazy tour stories.

Introduce yourself and what do you do in the band? Hello I’m Will and I play guitar and I sing in Call Me Anything. I’m Matt and I play bass and sing in Call Me Anything.

How has the tour been so far? Will: We’ve only been on it for two days.

Matt: We did two days on this tour and it has been awesome. Both days sold out. So far it’s been really great and really fun and organized tour. Shout out to Paradise Fears for the organization.

Will: Graham Murray, you are a sick tour manager.

Matt: Paradise Fears is doing a really good job and they put together a really good tour. Awesome tour, awesome venues.

Will: We’re stoked that they would think about us. It’s a small tour and it’s one of those tours where you can individually pick what bands want to support you for different legs. I’ve been stoked to be with them, they’re awesome guys. We didn’t know anything about them when we came in but they turned out to be awesome guys.

Your album has been out for only a few months, how has the response been so far? Matt: It’s been really good. Certain songs are hard hitting than others. But I feel like the whole album as a whole is a celebrity concept and gives off a celebrity vibe. It seems like people are latching on to the concept of the album, which is really cool. That’s what we want people to get. We want people to come to our shows and think like a celebrity.

Describe Call Me Anything in three words. Will: Penis, junkie, noodles. Ce-le-bri-ties.

Has anything crazy happen while you guys were on tour? Matt: That’s a question. Well, we went down to Maryland and we got a hotel room. Every time we get a hotel room something crazy tends to happen.

Will: You gotta understand that we’re just a bunch of ridiculous human beings, which is part of the reason why we named our album Celebrity, we’re just a bunch of fun seeking guys. We came down a little early since it was our day off and met some friends for dinner and one thing led to another and we bought a hotel room at the Hilton for no apparent time. Matt punched a picture frame and the front desk had to talk to us. His knuckles were all bloody.

Matt: It tends to happen. It’s like a ritual.

Will: We wrecked our fair share of hotel rooms.

If you were a stripper, what would be your stripper name? Matt: Crystal

Will: Gabby

(both laughing hysterically)

What’s next for Call Me Anything? Will: We’re about to do our second music video for the song “Celebrity”. You’re the first to know this, it’s going to feature the actress from Eastbound And Down who is going to be the star of the video. So that’s cool.

Matt: Because she’s a celebrity and we are not real celebrities. We just play “Celebrity” all the time.

Will: We’re going to have a tour in August. But the video is going to be cool, it’s going to take place in a pool.

Any last words you guys want to say? (They proceeded to interview me and talk about Jeff Bezos of Amazon) Penis, that is all.

Call Me Anything’s set consisted of many songs off their album Celebrity. The air was filled with many screams and “I love you’s” from the crowd towards the guys from Call Me Anything. Will Tenney had a charismatic vibe that enthralled the crowd. Matt Mcnulty was very energetic and had banter between him and Will. When they started their cover song of “Call Me Maybe” the New York crowd went wild and all you could hear was the crowd’s voice over Tenney’s and Mcnulty’s. These two guys from Boston, MA knew how to get the crowd going and they gave a phenomenal show.

Check Them Out:

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