A Loss For Words

Being laid back yet so eager to meet new people and go on new adventures is very hard to find in young people. But, Mike Adams of A Loss For Words is living these traits by being on this year’s line up for Vans Warped Tour. I met up with Mike to talk about what they have been up to in the past couple months and what his super power would be if he had one.

Introduce yourself and what do you in the band? I am Michael Christopher Adams the first and I play bass for A Loss For Words.

How are you guys battling the heat? It’s brutal, but staying hydrated and hanging out in people’s tents. I don’t want to spend all day in the bus so we’re dealing with it. You get used to it for a little while. The initial shock when you leave your bus in the morning, when it’s ice cold in there, and then you go outside and you can’t breathe. It’s terrible.

Warped Tour just started, but how has it been so far? It’s been really fun. The crowds have been awesome. Our stage has been awesome. We have I Am The Avalanche and Bayside. We pretty much have the best stage. We’re all friends and we’re friends with so many bands [here]. We counted the amount of bands that we toured with that are on this tour and it’s 20.

Last time I saw you guys was during the Xtreme Thing, what have you guys been doing between then and now? We just did a tour in the UK and that was really awesome. Then, we did Europe, nine shows in Japan. Took a couple days off to spend time there after and it was really great. We also did the GK tour with The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far. That was a lot of fun too.

You guys just released an acoustic EP, how did that come about? Well we got a lot of positive feedback from our first acoustic EP and we wanted to have something new to sell on this tour and something new for the kids. Our full length came out in October. We figured it would be something to hold people over till we start our next full length. We’re super stoked on it. We have Tay from We Are The In Crowd in one of our songs and it came out amazing. We’re super happy about it.

I already asked you what your stripper name would be. So, what would be your stage move? Upside down, orangoutang, grilled hot dog. I won’t even…it’s too detailed to go into.

What would be your super hero powers? I’ve had this question and I came up with one off the top of my head and it was the best one by far. The ability to painlessly pee $50 bills. I would be a rich man. Isn’t that a sweet super power. Who else would come up with that?

Where do you guys see A Loss For Words in the next year or so? I see us putting out a record. Hopefully we’ll start writing it, well we already have songs and start putting it together in the fall or something. Maybe right before or after we do the Warped Tour in the UK, which is three weeks. We’re just gonna try and put out an awesome record and hopefully the kids are into it. We’re just gonna do what we do: tour, work hard, show respect to everybody, have fun with everyone, and just continue to do what we’re doing. If we make money to pay rent that’d be cool too.

Any last words? Yes, I think I said something wrestling oriented last time. I think I said, “People are fake. Wrestling is real.” Sports entertainment wrestling is not fake. It’s scripted and predetermined. It’s sophisticated ballet with the most finely tuned athletes in the world. That’s all I gotta say.

When you’re looking for a set that’s filled with energy and passion, you have to stop by A Loss For Word’s show during Warped Tour. Every fan in the crowd sang along to all the songs and even had a circle pit going. Matt McNaulty came down to the audience level and sang a few songs off of their full length album. The crowd just enjoyed A Loss For Word’s youthfulness and enthusiasm on and off the stage.

Check them out: http://www.facebook.com/aloss4words


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